James Hudson

Dr. James Hudson Ph.D. MSc. 

Head Scientist
(2009 - Present)

Dr. James Hudson Ph.D. M.Sc. Emeritus Professor is considered to be one of the foremost virologists in Canada. His experience includes researching viruses with humans, animals, fish and invertebrates; naturally occurring anti-viral & anti-microbial substances; molecular approaches to elucidating mechanisms of action of herbal medicines. His scientific research also includes evaluating the antimicrobial properties of natural plant oils & their vapors. Degrees he has earned include a B.Sc (chemistry/physiology), an M.Sc (biochemistry), a PhD (molecular biology) & post-doctoral fellow

Dr. SELVArani
Vimalanathan PH.D. MSc.

Laboratory Scientist
(2009 – Present)

Dr. Selvarani Vimalanathan Ph.D. MSc. Principle Investigator in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. Her research includes evaluating naturally occurring anti-viral and anti-microbial substances; plant extracts & their vapors. Degrees he has earned include a B.Sc (chemistry/physiology), an M.Sc (biochemistry), a PhD (molecular biology)



Kelly Crosby

Founder & President
(2004 – Present) 

Electronic Engineer has over 20 year's experience in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sector. He is the founder & patent holder & developer of the Company & worked with Dr Hudson & Dr. Vimalanathan conducting the pilot studies on the Project from 2007 to present. He also headed a number of plant extract processing operations for the Company

Brett Matich

Brett Matich

(2015 - Present)

Mechanical Engineer (1981, Australia), has over 20 years in the in the public markets including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) roles with Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), London Stock Exchange (LSE) & Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies, where he played a leading role in dealing with major Australian, Asian, European and North American financial institutions. He specializes in developing early stage businesses & has headed a number of resource developments from start up through to development. He acts as Executive Chairman of the Company