Air Antimicrobial System for Buildings


Our system provides reduced energy costs and carbon foot print as well as improved air quality for buildings and various facilities; allowing for a proactive measure of preventing the spread of infectious pathogens to all occupants 24/7.


Reduced Energy Costs

Our system simply retrofits to the building's air handlers and deactivates bacteria forming micro-film which removes the dependence for manual cleaning and chemical usage. 

Improved Air Quality

Our antimicrobial system cleans and controls airborne and surface pathogens throughout the entire building 24/7

Inactivates Bacteria

Eliminates 99.9% of airborne and surface infectious bacteria and viruses allowing clean air to be delivered to all of the occupants of a building.

Outperforms Air Filtration Competitors

HEPA filters can only filter larger (0.3 microns and above), micron-sized particles from the air (infectious spores can be less than 0.001 microns), these infectious particles are trapped & can actually grow & multiply within HEPA filters.


Why Standard Air Filtration Fails

High-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filtration can be used to filter particles down to only 0.3 microns, however infectious microorganisms can be less than 0.001 micron in size.  Because hospital codes call for high efficiency filters to be located downstream of the cooling coils, they become damp & collect contaminates.

HEPA filters can serve as a source for infections…surveillance of these HEPA filters should be established
— (SHEA 2017)


Higher Efficiency with Reduced Maintenence

On average a commercial buildings HVAC and related air system consumes over 50% of the buildings total power usage. The efficiency of the HVAC system is extremely hampered by bio-film, that builds up on the cooling exchange fins, inhibiting the heat transfer and reducing airflow. 

Our system simply retrofits to the buildings air handlers and deactivates bacteria forming micro-film and removes the dependence for manual cleaning and chemical usage. Infectious bacteria and viruses are inactivated from HVAC components like coils, drain trays, filters, compressors, plenums and air ducts, maintaining equipment at their original performances, without using harmful toxins or requiring expensive maintenance.


The unit simply retrofits to the air handlers of buildings

Hotel Room in Downtown Vancouver

Hotel Room in Downtown Vancouver

An assay of a light switch shows a high bacteria count of 5103 rlu. However, after ONLY 48 hours of Green Pure Air, the bacteria count was reduced to an acceptable Level of 161 ru

HVAC systems transport infectious microbes to all occupied spaces of a building, our system deactivates infectious pathogens within the HVAC system and all occupied spaces of the building, providing an healthy indoor environment.

Our system installs in commercial buildings, hotels and casinos, healthcare facilities, schools, airports, aircraft, food production facilities, cruise lines, in fact any facility that has a air distribution system. 


The Science Behind It

Our proprietary Green Pure Air is plant-derived & has been scientifically validated as a safe antimicrobial vapor, that inactivates 99.9% of airborne & surface bacteria & viruses including the highly contagious "Norovirus" - "Influenza" - Legionnaires"


Certified and Accredited

Green Pure Air's natural product has been certified by the Organic Raw Materials Review Institute (OMRI) of Canada & the United States & is in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

Our patented system has accreditation's, from Canada Agi-Innovation Fund, USA Scientific Laboratories, University of British Columbia, scientifically proven to inactivate 99.9999% of surface & airborne infectious bacteria and viruses