We are a Canadian company, that exclusively produces a proprietary “antimicrobial oil” from the leaves of the thuja plicata tree, which are native to British Columbia. The application used is steam processing, which is environmentally friendly. The oil of the thuja plicata, has been used traditionally among aboriginal groups of the Pacific north west for hundreds of years, to treat a variety of upper respiratory symptoms.

Patent approved in 2007, that covers a diffuser design and the method of distributing, thuja plicata oil in vapor form, throughout commercial buildings for control of airborne pathogens.

In 2009 – 2012, Dr. Hudson, UBC Emeritus Professor, conducted scientific valuations and concluded thuja plicata vapor was a safe, green, broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent for decontamination of buildings. In 2015, efficacy tests were conducted by Antimicrobial Test Laboratories USA, who concluded that our proprietary thuja plicata oil inactivated infectious viruses, Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria by 99.9%, within 60 minute period.



Head Scientist and Shareholders

Virologist professors have demonstrated that Green Pure Air provides office air filtration and purification to make your office environment germ free in addition to being a more productive working place.



Head Scientist
(2009 - Present)

Dr. James Hudson Ph.D. M.Sc. Emeritus Professor is considered to be one of the foremost virologists in Canada. His experience includes researching viruses with humans, animals, fish and invertebrates; naturally occurring anti-viral & anti-microbial substances; molecular approaches to elucidating mechanisms of action of herbal medicines. His scientific research also includes evaluating the antimicrobial properties of natural plant oils & their vapors. Degrees he has earned include a B.Sc (chemistry/physiology), an M.Sc (biochemistry), a PhD (molecular biology) & post-doctoral fellow


Mechanical Engineer (1981, Australia), has over 20 years in the in the public markets including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) roles with Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), London Stock Exchange (LSE) & Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies, where he played a leading role in dealing with major Australian, Asian, European and North American financial institutions. He specializes in developing early stage businesses & has headed a number of resource developments from start up through to development.