hypoallergenic buildings


  • Our patented system, automatically distributes Green Pure Air throughout an entire building 24/7
  • Inhibits Bio-films (colonies of bacteria) within a buildings air distribution system, also reducing HVAC energy costs & maintenance
  • Inactivates infectious bacterial & fungal microbes, which trigger allergies & asthma & also inhibits smelly odors 24/7
  • Fungi microbes are the primary cause of toxic mold within a building
  • Our natural organic product, inhibits washroom odors 24/7, guests are not exposed to chemical air fresheners

Green Pure Air is the only known, natural antimicrobial vapor, that  has been scientifically validated to inactivate 99.9999% of infectious surface & airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, a proactive measure of preventing the spread of infectious pathogens to all the occupants of a building 24/7



  • Hypoallergenic indoor building developments
  • Asthma & allergy friendly 24/7
  • Odor free washrooms & communal areas
  • Clean air distribution system
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Chemical free
  • Competitive edge
  • We care for your health


According to the US EPA - SCHOOLS have four times more occupants than office buildings in the same amount of floor space, which causes poor IAQ to be more prominent. The US EPA (2011) has estimated that more than 60,000 schools (equivalent to 46% of US public schools) have environmental conditions that contribute to poor IAQ - "Clean Air School"

Childhood asthma is a leading cause of student absenteeism & accounts for 13.8 million missed schools days per year, according to the latest estimates by the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (2015). By improving classroom air quality, some schools have documented a 70% reduction in rescue inhaler use

13.8 million missed school days each year due to asthma

It is easy for infection to spread in Aged Care or Healthcare Facilities as you have many people in close proximatity and the sick and elderly have depressed immune systems.

In 2016 Duke University released a manual to all 32 NFL teams, as guide control to keep PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS healthy. In place like a classroom, flu & other bugs spread easily, but when you have the kind of physical contact inherent in football, infections are more contagious. Areas prone to spread of infection include locker rooms, shower rooms, cool down and gym rooms. last season, our system was placed in an NFL facility, for the first time in a decade, the team avoided any  flu outbreaks - "Clean Air Gym"

healthy air for your employees

Our antimicrobial vapor flows where ever air flows, sterilizing infectious microbes, within the whole air distribution system & all occupied spaces of the building or facility 24/7 - additionally provides continuous decontamination of the air distribution system

We currently offer our services in Canada & the US, as an additional revenue stream for HVAC contractors, building owners, management, developers & maintenance companies. We offer a hypoallergenic, germ free indoor environment for hotels, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, cruise lines & aircraft. We also provide an alternative solution for protecting the health of livestock without the use of antibiotic



Green Pure Air inactivates surface & airborne bacteria, viruses within any indoor environment 24/7

                 Green Pure Air simply retrofits to a buildings existing air handler

               Green Pure Air simply retrofits to a buildings existing air handler

Confidential scientific reports are available on strict terms & conditions